Log Homes
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First CourseWe custom build the log structure at our yard on the northeast corner of Hwys 169 and 95, in Princeton, Minnesota.  The logs are then marked and disassembled, and delivered to your capped foundation.  We re-erect the building, cut and rough-in the windows and doors and make allowances for settling. We also make other cuts necessary for you or your builder to finish the building.

Scribe DetailEvergreen Log Homes utilizes hand-peeled logs placed full-length on walls without seams.  Hand scribing to join the length of log to the log below it eliminates the need for chinking between logs. Notches are a modified saddle notch with a scarf cut and are also scribed.

Red pine is the timber species we use with some white pine and spruce mixed in. You may specify all red pine if you wish.  Our price always includes re-erecting your building on your foundation. We put formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation between the logs and in the notches, which with the large size logs we use (16-24 in. butts and 10-12 in. tops) gives you an R-factor of approximately 19-20.

Truss on SkyOur log trusses are mortised and tenoned together, pegged with hardwood and built out of the same large size log as the side walls (16-24 in. butts and 10-12 in. tops).  In a loft area where head room is needed, an A-shape truss is typical. Loft floor logs are also mortised into the cross or tye beam.  Other truss styles are available including the king and queen post.

Rib Mt Truss
Log trusses are a quality attraction of log homes. Their mass and overhead appeal make an open greatroom like this one seem very cathederal-like.  One of our homeowners won
1st prize in a national magazine contest with a truss photo.

Several of our homes have been used by major retailers and snowmobile manufacturers for advertising.  Although we do not do log gable ends, log trusses can be used on the ends with custom glass installed by a glass contractor.

Window Cutout

To allow for settling in window and door openings, we use the keyway and spline method. A buck is attached to the spline, ready to accept the manufacturer's window or door (see photo).  The open space above the window or door is stuffed with fiberglass and covered with trim boards.

All buildings start with a blueprint and although we are not equipped to do log blueprinting, after discussing your prospective plan with you, we can refer you to a design specialist with experience in log structures. If engineering is required in Minnesota we have a resource for that.

When you have visited our log yard, visited the home of one or two of our customers, decided on a plan and made the decision to go with Evergreen Log Homes, Ltd. it is time to get started.  We strive to keep a simple and comprehensive contracting system which gives a set price for an agreed upon design (as blueprinted).

There will be no surprises as to the cost for the log part of the building, unless you make a change in the agreed upon plan. 
When you have made a decision to have your log home constructed by Evergreen Log Homes, Ltd. and the time of year that the building is to be delivered is decided, a non-refundable down payment (applied to purchase) is required to establish a mutual committment between you and Evergreen as your builder.

Finished Dining Rm* Custom handcrafted scribe-fit log shells
* Hand-peeled red pine, white or spruce
* Diameters 10-12" on top end & 16-24" butt end
* Full length of log in walls, no seams
* Notches - modified saddle notch with scarf cut
* Accent work available
* Price includes:
...1 prebuilding log part at our log yard
...2 numbering and shipping to you
...3 re-erecting on your ready foundation
...4 cuts for windows & doors
...5 allowances made for settling
* Straight forward contract-no suprises
* Keyway & spline method used for openings
* Referrals to:
...general contractors
...specific subcontractors, like electricians
...blue print designer
* Will work directly with homeowner as general
* Homeowners who will welcome visitors
* Photo album and References